Community Nutrition Education

Online Nutrition Workshops for a Healthier Lifestyle

From Senior Centers to Elementary Schools, we provide a variety of nutrition and health-related topics  to boost your knowledge and promote good health. Food and nutrition play a crucial role in everyone’s life; however, many people do not know the type of food they should be eating, where their food comes from, and the components of a healthy diet / meal consuming unhealthy food in excessive amounts is a widespread concern.
Affordable meal plans are just a call away. Dietitian – Nutritionists on Staten Island help people learn more about how they can eat consciously and transform their eating habits to improve their well-being.
Online Nutrition Workshops For A Healthier Lifestyle​-LeSash Nutrition & Health
Gaining Insight Into Nourishment​-LeSash Nutrition & Health Accessible Online Nutrition Workshops​-LeSash Nutrition & Health

Gaining Insight into Nourishment

LeSash Nutrition & Health works towards providing a better understanding of the impact of food and nutrition on the human body, health, and immunity. Our online nutrition workshops provide individuals a holistic view of food and nutrition choices concerning the consequences they have on mental, emotional, social, and physical wellness.

Jennilyn gives various groups optimum nutrition awareness within the communities of all the five boroughs. As a holistic Dietitian – Nutritionist in Staten Island, she works with entities that include small and large groups, schools, and senior centers. 

Accessible Online Nutrition Workshops

A Certified, Registered Dietitian – Nutritionist is an essential resource for Scientific and evidence proven knowledge about how nutrition affects the development of chronic illnesses and overall health.

This information helps to create awareness about the functions of food and how making the right nutritional changes can have far-reaching and vital effects on an individual’s well-being throughout their life. Lesash Nutrition & Health observes the connection between an increase in the consumption of highly processed unhealthy diets and the growing concern over chronic lifestyle diseases.

Online nutrition workshops highlight these issues while providing training for people who are interested in wellness coaching, nutrition, and healthy living. Sign up today for an enriching online learning experience with us.
Accessible Online Nutrition Workshops​-LeSash Nutrition & Health