Individual Wellness Coaching

Improving Lives through Transformational and Affordable Wellness Coaching

We have 30 years of experience in wellness coaching, focusing on health conditions linked to nutrition. Not in NYC? Join us for our virtual wellness coaching sessions. Contact us today.
LeSash Nutrition & Health, RD provides support and mentorship to individuals who seek a personalized, culturally sensitive, and holistic approach to nutrition and overall wellness. We work closely with each client to set purposeful wellness goals and implement an ongoing awareness process.
Improving Lives Through Transformational And Affordable Wellness Coaching​-LeSash Nutrition & Health
Wellness Coaching For Sustainable Lifestyle Changes​-LeSash Nutrition & Health

Wellness Coaching for Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Our wellness coaching services are available to enhance the wellbeing of a diverse range of clients from as young as four years old who have various health conditions related to nutrition. These issues include but are not limited to gastrointestinal disorders, thyroid diseases, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, diabetes mellitus, and weight management.
We understand the valuable role that our clients’ support systems play in their lives. Family members are welcome to join the holistic wellness coaching sessions if the client wants them to be present. As your accountability partners on this wellness coaching journey, we help you come up with specific and measurable wellness goals to yield worthwhile behavioral changes.

Individualized Wellness Coaching

During a career that spans over 30 years, RD Jennilyn has counseled thousands of clients. LeSash Nutrition & Health,  led by a Registered and Certified Dietitian – Nutritionist, operates from Staten Island and has worked with almost 1,500 Clients over the last decade in Private Practice. Since every individual is unique, wellness coaching services are based on each person’s goals and needs.

Virtual wellness coaching is available as a convenient and accessible alternative at this time for clients who cannot attend in-person sessions. This means you can join us from anywhere. Whether you have a tight schedule, want to avoid traffic, or live far away, we are still here for you, even from the comfort of your home. Schedule an appointment today and take the first step towards creating the life you deserve.
Individualized Wellness Coaching​-LeSash Nutrition & Health