Our mission is to create healthier habits in all of our clients

General Nutrition

Wellness, Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension, Thyroid Disorders, Eating Disorders, Weight Management. Provide nutrition assessment, develop customized, holistic meal and exercise plans with culturally sensitive, individual and group nutrition education instruction in office. RD, CDN at LeSash Nutrition & Health works to improve Clients health developing goals tailored together with each Client to help achieve goals through in depth nutrition counseling. Everyone is encouraged to take an active role in improving his or her, as well as, the family’s health and nutrition.

Meal Planning

Personalized, well – balanced meal plan based on age, height, weight and physical activity with consideration to culture, preference, as well as, medical conditions to promote optimal health. Clients learn how to choose and consume adequate balance from all food groups via age – appropriate food exchange lists, serving size, no. of servings needed, valuable information on replacing unhealthy choices with healthy choices, as well as, special diet changes and reading food labels.

Individual Wellness Coaching

LeSash Nutrition & Health, RD provides a personalized, culturally sensitive and holistic nutrition approach, implementing an awareness process and setting goals together, to improving the lives of individuals from 4 years old and older with a variety of nutritionally – related conditions. These variety of conditions / concerns include, but not limited to Weight Management, Diabetes Mellitus, Eating Disorders, Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension, Thyroid Diseases and Gastrointestinal Disorders. Family members can join counseling session, if permitted by client. RD, Jennilyn have counseled over 3,000 Clients during her 30year career. Close to 1,300 Clients of those were counseled at present location past 9 ½ years.

Employee Wellness Coaching

Personal – and work – related stresses, medical conditions takes a toll on employees which can affect behavior, attendance, as well as, job performance; ultimately, negatively causing poor overall production. Jennilyn is experienced in employee coaching, individually and through group sessions and has proven these sessions to be very beneficial to both employees and employers. Wellness or feeling one’s best improves behavior as employees learn ways to manage their health through proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyles changes; therefore, reduction in absenteeism and improved performance. A workplace win – win situation.

Weight Management

Bringing awareness through consistent, persistent, lifestyle changes weight can be lost or gained, as needed. Teaching with an understanding that goals can be achieved through daily small steps, changing habits to healthier choices, personalized meal plan and exercising daily. Not a DIET but a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

Community Nutrition Education

Jennilyn provides optimum nutrition awareness to various groups in communities in all five boroughs. Target groups range from elementary to geriatrics, in Schools, Senior Centers, Agencies, Support Groups, Businesses, Small and Large groups. A variety of topics range from wellness to a variety of diseases and disorders to food safety. To date, she has conducted over 4,000 Nutrition Workshops during almost 30 year career.

Accepted Insurance



Blue Cross Blue Shield


Emblem Health (HIP and GHI)

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield/Health Plus

The Empire Plan

Fidelis Care


HIP Medicaid

Medicare MNT (diabetes)





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